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Vintage wedding dresses
of the 70's and 80's might be a little harder to accept in this decade. The reason is they were completely outrageous and will make you look outdated. Unless you are having a wedding theme related to those decades, you should find a vintage wedding dress that is a little more classic. In the 1970's brides were really into ruffled Victorian necklines and either balloon or bat-wing sleeves. The 1980's were known for big hair that went with big dresses.
How To Held Vintage weddings

There are many ways you can go vintage during your wedding. You can go all the way or incorporate modern twists to it by adding some vintage elements to your wedding. Everything will depend on your fiancé's and your lifestyle and personality as well as on the budget. There are many ways of adding vintage touch to your wedding; first of all, raid your grandmother's closet to see her wedding gown or if you have a family heirloom in shape of a long Victorian lace veil, this is the time to bring it out.

The color scheme for vintage wedding can be black and white with a dash of cream. Subtle, muted and pastel colors always go well with this theme. For adding color, try bright flowers on each table. It will not only brighten up the venue but will also double up as centerpiece for your tables. Flowers were all that was used for decoration during the Victorian age; so if you are going to have that vintage era as your theme, this is the perfect choice for you. You can try rose especially red roses or any other flower that is your favorite.

The venue for your vintage wedding is also important. If you are lucky enough to have the reception in your or your fiancé's Victorian-style mansion or garden, then nothing can be better. If you are not that lucky, then try to invoke the era as much as possible. Apart from the centerpieces mentioned above, you can try lace as a decoration item draping it over tables and chairs.

The choice of food is also important. To keep along with the vintage theme, serve pastries and tea instead of cheese and champaign before dinner. If you have easy access to seafood, then it can be your main course for the reception. Sea food was the most available food item during Second World War as meat was a rationed item; so using that can be a great vintage touch.

The serving plates and serving utensils should be vintage serving pieces. If you are having a catered event, talk to your catered beforehand if they can supply that. Otherwise, borrow from your friends and family if you are having a small intimate dinner.
Today various types of dresses are made in a vintage style. Vintage weddings are popular as well. For a vintage wedding, it is best for the bride to wear a vintage wedding dress.

Vintage wedding dresses usually have sleeves, lace or straps. They tend to be modest. A vintage wedding dress is perfect for brides who are conservative-minded. Wearing such a dress, they will feel comfortable and have a natural modest look. To get a vintage wedding dress, it is best to go shopping online. There are vintage wedding dresses intended mainly for vintage weddings in the fashion market now.

There are few choices in the bridal stores. Also, wedding dresses sold in the stores are very expensive. Most importantly, the wedding dresses online are custom-made. They are made for brides of various body types. If you are pregnant, there are also maternity vintage wedding dresses intended for you to choose from.